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BH was established 1909 in Spain and has been a top European manufacturer of both bicycles and fitness equipment ever since. Having the expertise and facilities for both bicycle production and fitness equipment has meant BH has stayed in front of the field with the rise of E-Bikes via their Easy Motion range.

The BH Easy Motion Evo Range Is market leading with their RDS 350W Its powerful 350 W motor, located on the rear tire and limited to 250W in order to balance the use of the motor and allows you to obtain the maximum performance in times of extreme use. Contains patented differentiators exclusively from BH. When the cyclist is using the wheel without resistance, the wheel is free of friction. A great choice if your are looking for electric bikes in the York or Scarborough area. See below for more details on technology.

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BH Easy Motion Technology


Absent are the bulky batteries and random wires that often tip-off even the most casual observer to the electric assist present on a bicycle. Our patented integrated battery design keeps the appearance stylish and elegant while concealing the full nature of the bike.

Easy Motion won the 2011 Eurobike Award for best design and functionality in the hybrid bicycles category with the Neo Cross. This prize is awarded to the top innovative products at Europe’s largest bicycle trade show. This same model also garnered a "Very Good" from Europe’s reference body in electric bicycles; highlighting the fruits of our labor to produce powerful, elegant, reliable electric bicycles.


Easy Motion offers one of the most diverse lines of electric bikes available. There are urban and folding bikes for navigating tight city streets and going to the store. Hybrid and road models are good for cruising into the country or around the block. And mountain bikes for off-road and trail riding.


NEO and EVO models employ a rear drive system (RDS). This system locates the electric motor inside the shell of the rear hub. A powerful 350W planetary gear motor provides quiet hill decimating propulsion. Matched with a frame mounted torque sensor, response is sporty and immediate.

Though fully integrated, the NEO and EVO battery is completely removable and can be charged in a very short amount of time. 80% charge is obtained in just two hours and 100% in four. The newer EVO line also incorporates an on-bike charging port allowing the procedure to be done without ever separating battery and bike.

This power is dolled-out through 4 levels of assist or modes.

- ECO—this is the lowest setting and offers 70% of rider input power of assist. This offers the greatest range on a single charge.

- Standard—this is the first level to provide more of the forward motion than the rider. 140% of rider input is on offer with this mode and is the best balance between range and assistance.

- Sport—with Sport the scale tips towards a livelier feel and less emphasis on range with 200% of rider input distributed.

- Boost—this is the all-out option with 300% of rider input produced. It will get you there with the least amount of effort, but range is minimized.


All NEO and EVO bicycles offer POD for those who sometimes prefer to not pedal the bike at all. To engage the throttle, adjust your mode button on the LCD display screen to "NO ASSIST" and you will be able to travel at speed at a rate up to 20mph with the easy twist of a throttle.


The EVO line of bikes come equipped with our new quick-release axle nuts. These lever-style nuts have a ratcheting mechanism that allows the user to tighten or loosen the rear hub without tools. There is no need to carry a wrench for roadside emergencies and rear wheel removal/installation is quicker and easier.


EVO bikes benefit from a redesigned frame and battery case that reduces the physical size of the battery even further than NEO; while maintaining the identical power offerings with the Eco fitted with a 324Wh and the rest of the line fitted with 432Wh batteries.


All Easy Motion RDS bikes utilize a planetary gear system. There are several reasons for this. Utilizing gears allows the motor to be more efficient and provide a great deal of torque. This means we can get the same results from a smaller and lighter electric motor.

This ability to use a smaller motor also means less power drawn from the battery for an overall increase in range compared to direct drive.

On the flip-side, if you choose to ride your Easy Motion with no electric assist, the planetary gear system creates far less drag than a direct drive motor for a more traditional bike experience.

Electric Bikes in North Yorkshire
Northern Ride is a premium stockist of the BH Easy Motion Range. We are located in Malton between York and Scarborough so if your are looking for Electric Bikes in the York or Scarborough area come and pay us a visit.

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