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Lapierre has been at the forefront of the cycling industry for some time now. They have been creating beautiful machines for over 60 years, succeeding in each genre of cycling.

The French manufacturer prides itself in quality and design and the heart of their production is still where it all started – Dijon, France. The step into the eBike market was an obvious one for Lapierre who have always been known to be ahead of the game; they could use all their design and innovation skills already achieved in the biking world and add this to the latest technology from Bosch & Yamaha eBike systems, this has to be a winner!

With the new all-powerful Bosch motor & 400 watt battery system, coupled with 140mm of travel front and rear, the Lapierre electric bikes will get you up and down anything and everything! Very powerful, the motor combines liveliness with a steady power output. With perfect precision it adjusts the performance level to the effort of the cyclist, to deliver assistance adapted to all types of terrain and to all speeds, from flat to steep, and from gentle to turbo. The batteries have 2-3 hours of autonomy, enabling rides of 30-90km (depending on the terrain and the mode chosen).