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Bianchi E-Vertic 2023 | Premium Bianchi UK Stockist
Under the E-Vertic name, Bianchi has designed a range of bikes dedicated to energising your ride. From performance mountain biking to city exploration, these electric bikes will power your journey and enhance the thrill of riding.

E-Vertic FX-Type Pro:
The FX Type Pro is the defining model of the E-Vertic family, the one that sets the pace, and leads from the front. It re-engineers what an electric mountain bike should be: fast, fun, and playful.

E-Vertic FX-Type:
Aggressive uphill and awesome downhill, the E-Vertic FX-Type reacts perfectly on whichever trail your love of off-roading brings you to.

E-Vertic X-Type:
The E-Vertic X-Type is an aluminium hardtail ready to experience the thrills of an excursion into nature. Reactive, powerful and with a geometry that ensures stability and agility, it’s born to venture on the most scenic trails.

E-Vertic T-Type:
Designed for the commute and beyond, the Bianchi E-Vertic T-Type is ideal for exploring the countryside for longer. with a carrying capacity of 25kg on the luggage racks, whether you’re cruising through the city streets or taking on an adventure further afield, there’s plenty of storage space for all your travel or work essentials. Built-in lights mean your adventure doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down, and the Bosch motor provides mile after mile of assisted enjoyment.

E-Vertic C-Type:
Destined for urban travel, the Bianchi E-Vertic C-Type is an agile and responsive electric bike designed for the demands of the city. features like the mudguards and built-in lights keep you riding throughout all seasons and through all types of weather. Whether it is for your ride to work or to run errands, the luggage capacity and racks make the c-type an attractive alternative to a car. enjoy the city the way it should be enjoyed, on a Bianchi electric bicycle.

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