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Cervelo 2020 | Product Launch & Pre-Order

We attended the 2020 Cervelo product launch at the European Cervelo HQ in Germany. The 2020 ranges sees a continuation of the new R-Series and S-Series range due to it's popularity in 2019 with the addition of some colourways and small specification alterations. See below for full details:

2020 Pre-Season Ordering Promotion
Contact us before the end of September 2019 for pre-season promotional prices and upgrades on the 2020 Cervelo range. You can contact us by our enquiry form, email ash@northernride.com or call us on 01653 699070 for more details.

Rebranding of R/S3 to R/S-Series
Cervelo are known for their high quality frame production with their pro tour riders selecting bikes across the range to ride at the highest level. As pro riders have been seen across models Cervelo are in the process of re-branding their '3' range to the 'Series' range. What does this mean? Moving forward the Cervelo R3 will be know as the Cervelo R-Series and the Cervelo S3 will be know as the Cervelo S-Series. This is to demonstrate the frames are top level frames, ridden by pro riders and comparable to many other pro level frames from other brands. The introduction of this change can be seen already on the new Sram AXS models in the 2020 Cervelo S-Series Force AXS and 2020 Cervelo R-Series Force AXS.

So the rebranding of the R-Series and S-Series range will increase as the years progress but they will still ulilise the '3' level frams, just demonstrate their high quality. If you are however looking for the highest quality, arguably a step above the rest of the brands this is where the '5' level frames fit in; the newest technology and highest quality aspirational products available from Cervelo.
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