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Epoca Bikes Review | Epoca UK Stockist

Epoca was established in 1952, in the heart of the Veneto region of Italy, close to the iconic Monte Grappa.

Epoca pay extreme attention to detail and take pride in a superb customer service, no matter where in the world their customers are.

This is the basis of what makes Epoca truly unique.

"At Epoca when we say custom, we do not mean the colour of your top tube and bar tape."

All Epoca products are exclusively made in the Epoca factory. Subsequently, Epoca have an "open door" policy – there is nothing to hide, no false claims, or hazy marketing claims.

Epoca | Specifications & Design

With our Epoca custom tube technology we can tune each customers frame to their perfect needs. Each tube is in fact many layers of carbon, we can alter the performance of each tube by tuning the layup of the carbon, how the woven layers “interlock” to build in compliance and therefore comfort. By adding to the number of layers of carbon we can also build in added strength.

After each tube is cut to size and shape, we then join them together with handmade “joints” we can also alter the resistance and strength of these joints based on the rider’s profile and requirements.

Even if you are a 60kg mountain goat or a 100kg power house, the end result is a frame that is ideal for each and every owner.

  • The fork is FCR Flute carbon for exceptional handling and comfort.
  • The R60 features a tubeset with profiles designed to add extra strength to areas of greatest stress.
  • With integrated carbon seat pin, which has a total of 6cm of adjustment.
  • We offer classic BSA bottom brackets by default [in engineering terms it is still the best] as well as various BB30 and press fit options if required.
  • Cable routing, internal electronic EPS®, Di-2® or SRAM e-tap®

Epoca | Made to Measure

Just as a tailor would measure his client up for their clothes we will need to take some of your measurements to enable us to design your frame. When visiting us at Northern Ride we will take your measurements and discuss your current and future cycling aspirations. Epoca have over 20 years’ experience of working at distance and building custom geometry frames.

Once we have your key measurements and some other simple data we will supply you with your own custom, scale frame design. Once this is approved the average time required to build your frame is 4 to 5 weeks. Painting your frame then takes from one to four weeks depending on the complexity of your design.

Epoca | Custom Build

We can custom build an Epoca to your specification. At Northern Ride you can either purchase a frameset or a complete bike, we will discuss the options and prices available to ensure you get the correct equipment for your Epoca frameset.

Epoca | Colour options

At Epoca our expression of the art of frame building does not stop at the frames we build. We are one of the only frame builders in the world (if not the only) with our own in house paint shop & designers. The result is Epoca, the true expression of the art of frame building.

We offer our customers three levels of frame finish customization, each offering you a unique piece of artwork.

  • Template, where customers can choose from a selection of pre-determined frame graphics and fixed range of two colours. This service is included in the price of your frame.
  • Palette, where customers can choose from a selection of pre-determined frame graphics and full range of up to four colours. This service is available for a supplementary fee of £165.
  • Blank canvas, where customers can have their own fully personalized frame finish and graphics. This service is available for a supplementary fee, £POA.

In each case our design department will supply you with high resolution artwork for you to approve.

Epoca R30 | Epoca UK Stockist

The Epoca R30 frame is a very special frame set; it is not the third in the Epoca range as many customers think. It is the result of decades of development, for riders who love the “classic carbon” round tube design, yet do not wish to compromise on performance.

Epoca's most versatile frame, the R30 is the perfect “all-terrain” frame. It excels on the flat, in the mountains and over rolling hills; wherever you take the R30 it will take it in its stride. The R30 frame is also very comfortable yet is always ready to perform when needed. The R30 can be built as a feather-light climber’s bike or a strong and powerful sprinters bike, all of this is uniquely possible thanks to Epoca's custom tube manufacturing and custom handmade joints.

The R30 features Epoca's dropped seat stays, a look they introduced over 20 years ago on steel frames. This feature creates two parallel lines, the top tube, chain stays, seat stays and downtube for an immaculate aesthetic detail that looks 'just right'.

Epoca R50 | Epoca UK Stockist

Epoca R50 frame is an evolution of their carbon road range, a frameset to break the mould, in more ways than one! The remit, to design a new road frame that will excel in terms of power transfer and performance, building on what Epoca have achieved with our R30 model.

For many decades Epoca have known that the strongest “profile” for a bike frame tube is actually the classic “round” profile. Over the years many fads and fashions have past, each claiming to be faster and better, Epoca have always come back to the classic round tube as the point of reference, until now!

Sitting down to design the R50 with a blank canvas Epoca started to look at how they could build a frame which was stiffer, more rigid with a superior power transfer, yet at the same time keeping the weight down, a frame which would break all performance levels. Then Epoca had to address comfort, to achieve all of this and yet make the frame comfortable for all day rides with razor sharp handling, yet not too nervous. Many said this was impossible. Epoca proved them wrong!

The Epoca R50 is not just the sum of the whole, there is something extra, something special, that comes together when the frame is hand assembled, no longer sections of tubes. A modern profile that is not only more aerodynamic, but a form that is designed to work as a whole.

As one customer described his R50, “a Rocket ship!”

The frames handling and high speed stability was also improved, this bike rides as if it was on rails, with the subtlest change of rider balance the bike responds with assurance and confidence.

This frameset is ideal for all round use including long road races and Grand Fondo events .

Epoca R50 all round performance master piece.

Epoca R60 | Epoca UK Stockist

Epoca R60 frame is the latest evolution of Epoca's modern R50 model, whereas the R50 has an aero profile traditional shaped vertical profile seat tube, the R60 has an oversized curved seat tube. The seat tube profile at the bottom bracket is wider, allowing us to build an even stiffer frameset. Epoca have also modified the downtube and top tube for even greater strength, not only in terms of profile, but also in terms of construction. Each tube is made with a unique mix of layers of carbon and added Kevlar, using the very best carbon money can buy, the result is a frame which offers the absolute maximum in performance. If the R50 was a rocket ship the R60 is a star ship ready for warp factor 9!

Even with this added performance, the Epoca R60 is still comfortable with balanced handling qualities, therefore still suitable for longer events as well as shorter events such as criteriums and short distance triathlon.

When Epoca created the R60 their goal was to make the best carbon road frame in the market, no expense spared.

Epoca R60 Power Performance, No Compromise.