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Kuota E-Road Bikes 2020 | Kuota UK Stockist & Dealer

The Kuota Kathode recently won 'Best in Test' beating Pinarello and Orbea as the best bike reviewed by BikesEtc magazine!

Remember those rides you used to do; long, hilly and challenging? Maybe you yearn to meet the cafe ride but just need some support from time to time. Would you like to put the boot on the other foot? Then meet your new team-mate…the Kuota Kathode. The Kuota Kathode will help you go beyond the limits of a traditional road bike; to get out and explore new places, and meet new people. The German Fazua system we spec provides 3 support settings which mean no matter how challenging or windy the route or conditions are, you have up to 400 watts at peak ready at the touch of a button! Acceleration out of corners or that final push on a climb to stay with the pack is now your new strength with the Breeze, River and Rocket modes. Contact us for Kuota Electric Road Bikes.

Kuota as standard offer customisation on groupset, gear ratios and finishing kits including wheels. Contact us with your exact specification requirements and we will create your custom build whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Ordering: We offer competitive pricing, complimentary bike fits and quality servicing. Contact us or visit the 'Order Process' page for more details.

Customisation: Contact us with your upgrade or component alterations, we will endeavour to create your desired specification at purchase whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Bike Fit: Each bike will receive a complimentary Bike Fit if collected looking at foot/pedal interface, knee alignment, saddle height, saddle fore-aft and reach. Components will be altered during this if required as part of our service.

Availability: E: ash@northernride.com | T: 01653 699070 | Chat live now!
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