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Founded in 1957 by highly regarded professional cyclist Umberto Scapin, the company was formed with an ambitious brief; the creation of products of technical excellence and great quality where handling and performance come first. As with all great Italian design, style and aesthetic beauty is guaranteed – and vital.

Scapin are recognized as a truly prestigious brand. Over 56 years of Italian frame building (120 years if you include Olympia who own, design and manufacture Scapin products), a passion for design, devotion to quality, and a determination to create the greatest bicycles in the world have created a brand recognized for its unique details and application of technology. Scapin’s production methods and design creativity are unsurpassed. Those who desire the finer things in life will appreciate the levels of accuracy, quality, handling and performance as well as the artistry, attention to detail and perfection of finish that only the greatest artisan manufactures can achieve.

Oraklo 29 | Spektro 29 | Murdok 27.5