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Bianchi Aria E-Road 2024 | The Ultimate E-Road Bike

The 2024 Bianchi Aria e-Road aero carbon bike, is elegant and powerful. Bianchi have engineered the e-road with the Inner Power Drive system, a perfect solution for road riders seeking the stable feel, lightness and stiffness of a traditional road bike yet electrical assistance at the ready for when it is most in demand.

Bianchi Aria E-Road | Inner Power Drive System (IPD)

The new Aria e-road provides the ultimate light weight road experience with power to expand your limits. The new Inner Power drive system has been specifically developed by Bianchi using the Ebikemotion’s powerful X35 V.2 pedal assist technology. The outcome is an Aria e-road that provides the ultimate light weight road experience with power when you need it.

The technology weighs an additional 3.5kg. This includes the entire system: rear hub motor, 250W battery, iWOC One and all wiring. At the time of writing the motor utilised, X35 V.2 e-power system is the smallest and lightest full-power pedal assist motor available at 40Nm of torque. The Bianchi Aria e-road has the extra power required to give you the confidence when completing those longer demanding rides or steeper climbs.

Bianchi Aria E-Road | Asthetics

Bianchi introduced the Aria into their range and ever since it has been one of the most popular bikes ever produced by the revered Italian manufacturer. The Aria E-Road builds on the success of its traditional sibling and is already of the most sought after e-road bikes on the market. The fully integrated minimalist electric motor and battery provides a sleek, stylish, low profile natural aero look that can be ridden without any electrical power assistance. With zero interference, or drag, to the power transmission, the Aria e-Road is the true road cyclist’s choice

Bianchi Aria E-Road | Usability

The Aria E-Road utilises the Ebikemotion mobile app. The app allows you to get the most out of the Aria E-Road. You can keep track of key motor function, battery status, power control, as well as GPS ride direction and tracking. A specific fitness function, linked to rider performance via heart rate bend, allows to control automatically the assist level of the motor unit by selecting a maximum HR frequency, to keep you in the exercise zone that you prefer.

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