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The New Cervélo S5
Cervélo is well known for their dedication to aerodynamic sand relentless pursuit of speed. Ever since the creation of the Soloist, Cervélo have redefined aero. The new S5 continues in this vein, is race proven as demonstrated in their 2023 Tour de France success. Overall winner Jonas Vingegaard and green jersey winner Wout van Aert crossed the line in Paris showcasing the updated Cervelo S5. Cervélo have created deeper frame sections to maximize the shapes allowed by the UCI, a new fork design that helps simplify the entire front end. Whilst increased wheel and tire clearance has made space for the new Reserve 52/63 wheelset, which we co-developed to deliver an even faster bike. Altogether, Cervélo have reduced drag by 65 grams, and increased surface area while still reducing the bike’s weight. It’s simpler, faster, and easier to live with than before.

Cervelo S5 | Cockpit
Improvement In pursuit of speed, everyone wants to try a different position, a longer stem, a more aggressive fit. The updated Cervelo S5 makes installation and alteration easier. All the necessary spacers come with the bike, and there’s only one bolt length, instead of the previous stack-specific bolt spec. The handlebars attaches more simply, and has a 5-degree rotation to dial in your fit. Reducing all that complexity made the system 53g lighter, too. Cervelo improved the comfort of the handlebar, and tweaked the shape to get a perfectly at bar-to-hood transition. In place of the shims on the previous S5 handlebar, Cervelo used a two-bolt interface that allows for infinite tilt adjustments between 0 and 5 degrees. Bike fitters at every level are moving away from longer-offset seat posts, and the new S5 comes stock with a 15mm offset post on most sizes (vs 25mm offset on outgoing S5). The old seat posts are forward-compatible, and Cervelo will keep the 400mm-long, 25mm offset post in stock for those looking for a more extreme fit.

Cervelo S5 | Enhancements
The UCI’s new regulations on aerodynamic design allowed us some additional room to deepen the aero profiles and squeeze a little more performance out of what is already the fastest aero bike on the market. You’ll notice a deeper head tube and BB area, and more aggressive shaping on the trailing edges of the tubes. Since the new S5 is only compatible with electronic shifting, Cervelo were able to tidy the dropout a bit, and update the shaping all over the bike.

Cervelo S5 | Tire Clearance
Wider wheels and tires are faster aerodynamically, and more comfortable to boot. S5 has clearance for up to a 34mm (measured) tire, and is optimized around the new, wider Reserve wheels, which are wrapped in 28mm tires. These wheels, developed under Turbulent Aero protocols, save a little over 5 watts.

Cervelo S5 | Turbulence Aero
Turbulence what? The real advantage to Turbulent Aero is the way the wheel behaves in—you guessed it—turbulence. Put another way, what it does when there’s wind blowing, or most of the time! Reserve and Cervélo put their heads together and developed a rim shape that stalls less dramatically at greater yaw angles; in riding terms it’s more stable, more planted, and more comfortable. It requires less input and attention from the rider, and contributes to rider confidence. It makes you go faster because you feel more comfortable going faster. The Reserve 52/63 is 50g faster in laminar (traditional) ow, and 54g faster in turbulent ow than the outgoing Reserve 50/65 combo.

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