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Cervelo S5 2019 | Technical Details

The all new Cervelo R5 Disc is categorised by Cervelo as the 'Worlds Undisputed Fastest Bike!'. Cervelo with their experience gained from the RCA and latest R5 have been able to improve stiffness in all areas, whilst innovating the cockpit design to maket their most aero S Series to date. What you have to remember is Cervelo are a design company, striving to improve and deliver the best products current technology will allow.

Cervelo S5 Disc 2019 | Stiffness

Cervelo utilised their knowledge and finite element analysis (FEA) to evaluate different frame shapes in order to determine their structural efficiency. This resulted in a 13% increase in head tube stiffness improving stability and handling. This was achieved via the experienced composite knowledge of the design engineers improving the frame, fork and Seatpost. In addition to analysing and altering the carbon layup the new S5 Disc utilises Cervelo’s 12mm thru axle system, again increasing stability, handling and control.

Stiffness at the bottom bracket has been increased by 25% to increase pedal input and support the additional headtube stiffness. Pedalling stiffness was highlighted by pro tour riders as one of the major benefits of the previous generation S5 and for 2019 this has again been improved. The bottom bracket standard BB Bright developed by Cervelo coupled with the knowledge of Cervelo’s leading engineers and FEA allowed this advancements.

Cervelo S5 Disc 2019 | Usability
The new S5 frame moves Cervelo to a disc frame on their most popular aero bike for the first time. In order to maintain the same weight on the new frame Cervelo had to first reduce it due to the addition of the external steerer fork, disc brake mounts and increased stiffness all adding to the weight. Yet Cervelo still achieved their goal. The 2019 Cervelo S5 is 975g almost 100g lighter with the previous generation at 1067g. Therefore all the other advantages gained in aerodynamics, stiffness and usability have been achieved whilst also substantially reducing the frame weight; a true achievement of engineering.

Cervelo have innovated their frame in order to make internal cable routing to be fully integrated not just adapted. The new S5 Disc has no compromises and has been built with riders and mechanics in mind. The 2019 Cervelo S5 has fully integrated cable routing saving around 40g of drag over a traditional set up. The fork was completely redesigned around the Cervelo P5X system with a hollow headset bearing assembly and internal tensing rod increasing the room available for cable routing and thus the performance of shifting and braking alongside the usability for maintenance as seen below:

In developing the new fork and cable routing that is both useable and high performance, Cervelo then had an open book to innovate and improve the cockpit. It was identified early in development that the best option on drag and thus performance was a unified bar and stem combination in the new S5. However this solution was not suitable due to the inability to alter fit; this led to an improved solution of slicing the uniformed bar and stem into 2 pieces. The final design on the 2019 Cevelo S5 Disc was an aero bar/stem solution with easily assembled cable paths and a range of adjustability for bike fit as seen below:

At Northern Ride we have a full kit of spacers allowing for adjustment and a complimnetary Bike Fit is provided with all Cervelo's upon collection. If you would like any advice on geometry or fit contact us at [email protected], on 01653 699070 or utilise our Live Chat.

Cervelo S5 Disc 2019 | Aerodynamic
Cervelo reinvented aero, Cervelo are aero. As seen already the new cockpit ensures a fully enclose cable path that is both useable and there for the aero benefit, not just the superior aesthetics Cervelo have achieved. The S5 is innovative and Cervelo have created solutions for aerodynamic advancements.

Cervelo were an early adopter of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyse and improve aerodynamics of carbon frames. In a CFD approach complex phenomena are simulated by estimating conditions in small volumes called cells; these are then grouped in a larger area called a mesh. Using this technology to analyse frame design and geometry has enabled Cervelo over the years to gain data and stay ahead of other manufacturers.

The aerodynamic savings is 42 grams of drag—equivalent to 5.5 watts to the rider (compared with a standard Gen II S5 equipped with AB04 handlebar).

The aerodynamic advancements were then put to the test in the wind tunnel. Cervelo have for years created a benchmark by improving their frames based on their previous models, yet Cervelo also buy and test the competition; further enabling them to be the market leaders.

Cervelo S5 Disc 2019 | Models
All of the Cervelo 2019 models are available to browse and order by clicking here. If you would like any component alterations please let us know and we will endeavour to build your desired bike at purchase whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Cervelo S5 Disc 2019 | Technical Paper

All of the above information has been taken from the Cervelo S5 Disc 2019 technical paper, if you wanted to read this in more depth click here.