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Outlet Bikes

What is an outlet bike?

The brands we stock are premium manufacturers who invest in research and development of their bicycles. This means that periodically models are superseded with new redesigned and improved frames or the latest specifications that improve a bicycles performance. This results in the last few of the manufacturers older bicycles been available to purchase at a reduced price.

What does this mean for you?
You can ride a premium brand for less money. Although the technology in the frames or the specification may be slightly older than the newer models the performance will still be superior to many other brands that do not invest in research and design. In fact, it is often the case that other brands manufacturer 'cheaper frames' by buying and utilising the old moulds used by premium brands after they have finished with them.

How long does the bicycle take to arrive?
Arrival of an outlet bike is usually available in 3-10 working days depending upon the manufacturer. Please note stock is checked regularly for these bikes however there is a chance a bike becomes out of stock between you ordering and us receiving the order. If this does occur an alternative or refund will be offered.

Chat live, call 01653 699070 or email ash@northernride.com to check the latest availability.