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Cervelo P5 2020 | The fastest in the game! | Cervelo UK Stockist

Cervelo have developed a bike focused entirely on one thing: your performance. Applying years of experience in engineering the fastest aero bikes and real-world testing with their pro athletes. The result is a bike which pushes the boundaries in every way.


Cervelo engineers dedicated countless hours to testing and data crunching to make the P5 not only stiffer and more aero, but lighter as well. A lighter bike accelerates faster and climbs better to give you every possible advantage on the road.


The legendary aerodynamics of the P5 are fine-tuned to create an aero system that is stiffer and lighter than ever before. Its frame shapes, handlebar and fit positions, and design features work together to reduce drag and enhance your efficiency.


Cervelo refined the stiffness of key points of the frame to create a bike which corners better and transfers power more smoothly. You will feel it from your first pedal stroke: a stiff response that inspires you to pedal harder and go faster.

Cervelo P5 2020 | Aerodynamics, stiffness and weight.

Cervelo have built upon their historical knowledge of aerodynamics that has been developed since the company was a start-up. The aerodynamic tech paper can be seen here. It has been demonstrated aerodynamics accounts for as much as 90% of the overall resistance affecting the rider. The P5's frame design and tube shapes optimize aerodynamics whilst enhancing stiffness, weight and usability. The results are a 17g aero improvement over the previous generation P5 whilst been 22% stiffer at the headtube and 26% stiffer at the bottom bracket.

Cervelo P5 2020 | Achieving the perfect fit, EX10 vs. EX11 setup.

Cervelo have specified the P5 with the EX11 mono riser as standard. The patent pending user friendly aero system from Cervelo allows adjustability, aerodynamics and comfort. An aerodynamic single riser post provides vertical adjustability with a simple clamp mechanism. This allows for easy transport and fit adjustability depending on your event. Although the EX11 setup allows a large degree of arm pad stack and reach adjustability, the EX10 mono riser setup from the P5X is compatible with the P5 and provides a greater degree of adjustability.

See below:

(Picture courtesy of www.slowtwitch.com)

The EX10 system allows for 5,10 or 15 degrees of tilt in addition to an improvement in reach options. The EX10 setup has a pad plate which is reversible and this accounts for the increased fore-aft adjustaibility for the arm pad reach position. See below:

If you already have your bike fit details and know you require the EX10 setup on the P5 contact us and we will simply swap out the EX11 bar when purchasing a Cervelo P5. If you are unsure which setup you require either email us with your current setup or book a time to visit us to be setup on our jig. Exchanging the setup is fairly straightforward but requires the replacement of Junction Box A to a the 5 port (SM-EW90) and an additional cable and 4 port junction (SM-JC41) to be fitted.

The details of which can be seen on P37 on the manual here, this will all be fitted prior to collection on purchase. Once the setup of the EX10 system is complete, you can choose from a variety of standard after market aerobars and also have 5, 10 or 15 degrees tilt adjustment. If you are looking to purchase the EX10 setup separately the purchase cost is £495 excluding the aerobars, to order contact [email protected].

See picture below of an EX10 P5 setup:

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