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The eBIG.NINE has an extensive list of new and improved features in comparison to its predecessor. As part of the MERIDA 'sport' e-mountain bike family, it is designed as a real e-mountain bike, while incorporating some selected attributes from the MERIDA e-trekking category. That means, besides the modern design and the sportive oriented geometry, it comes equipped with fender and carrier mounts. The latest generation of the eBIG.NINE features in-tube battery technology and all models are powered by the impressive EP8 power unit from Shimano STePS (except the eBIG.NINE/SEVEN LTD and 300 SE models) .

The current eBIG.NINE is already in its fourth generation in this MERIDA e-bike category and it's an important part of our line-up. As internal 'in-tube' batteries become more and more popular for e-bikes, we had no doubts about moving to an in-tube frame design for the eBIG.NINE. Besides the battery integration, we also focused on increasing the tyre clearance and moved all bikes to a larger 29" wheel. On the eBIG.NINE 2.2" tyres can be used when fenders are fitted, while riders can go up to 2.35" without fenders. Like its predecessor, the latest eBIG.NINE has a very low stand over height, but it now features 29" wheels from the smallest to the biggest frame size, giving excellent roll-over properties to help smooth bumps and maintain control.


From 2021, the entire eBIG.NINE range (except the eBIG.NINE 300 SE models) is powered by the impressive EP8 motor from Shimano. The latest power unit brings a long list of upgrades and changes to the table that has elevated our eBIG.NINE to the next level. The EP8 delivers a maximum power output of 85 Nm, which is an increase of 15 Nm from the E8000 unit. This has improved the performance on extreme terrain as well as lift up the other support levels, making them universally more cable and more fun to use. Paired with the 630 Wh battery from Shimano or the 750 Wh battery from Simplo, the EP8 system delivers a huge range extension, making it easier to cruise for longer or do more runs.

Further to that, the EP8 power unit has lost approx. 300 g in weight, has further improved its heat-resistance, allowing the rider to go harder for longer, has become quieter and smaller and has managed to achieve a 36% reduction in drag, making cruising about the cut-out speed even easier. All this helps to deliver smooth, direct power to ensure that the rider is always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feel.

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