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All new bikes supplied by Northern Ride receive a complimentary Bike Fit on collection, we also provide Bike Fit's on customers own bikes. A better BikeFit will improve your comfort, efficiency and power output - we fit combining the science and art of bike fitting including the sizing and measuring for custom geometry bicycle frames. Our experienced bike fit system has helped many of our customers. If you are looking for a bike fit contact us on 01653 699070 or email [email protected] for more information.

About the Bike Fit | Bike Fitting in North Yorkshire

Trained by Eric O'Reilly and Paul Swift of www.bikefit.com the system we use is at the forefront of bike fitting research. During a BikeFit fit you are asked a series of questions to determine your cycling goals, identify prior injuries, highlight discomfort felt when riding, and other pertinent questions.

bserving every aspect of the you and your connection to their bike. Measuring on the bike, we continue asking questions about how you feel whilst riding. This is a two-way process of feedback and results, a process that looks at your individual biomechanics and adjusts your position accordingly. We have gained extensive experience by conducting thousands of Bike Fit's on new bikes and customers own bikes.

Bike Fit | About the Process
Standard Bike Fit is £100 and the Advanced Bike Fit is £135; the Advanced Bike Fit includes foot tilt analysis, contact us on 01653 699070 or email [email protected] to discuss which would be most suitable. Both bike fits will receive a Bike Fit report on completion. See below for an overview of the process.

Fore-Aft | Optimising 1st and 5th metatarsal position over the pedal spindle.
Cleat fore-aft setup ensures you achieve the optimum power output. This is achieved by placing your foot in the optimum position to transfer your watts to the wheels. Fore-aft optimisation also increases comfort by reducing pain and numbness experienced in the foot and reducing load on the knees.

Medial-Lateral | Improving your knee tracking and alignment.
Cleat medial-lateral setup ensures the pedal stroke is efficient and safe from overuse. Knee alignment relative to a riders ability to internally rotate their hips is assessed and cleat adjustment provides an optimum alignment based on your current riding position.

Rotation | Allowing your foot to rotate in alignment with your natural orientation.
Cleat rotation ensures your cleats are set at a an angle that allows the foot to sit on the pedal at an angle that the body naturally prefers. Suitable cleat setup, pedals systems and cleat options will be discussed to ensure optimum comfort and reduced knee pain.

Foot Tilt | Improving foot-pedal connection and knee alignment. (Advanced Bike Fit Only)
Knee tracking and feet are assessed to identify knee tracking and varus/valgus tilt. Cleat wedges are inserted to alter the alignment of the forefoot and rearfoot. This ensures optimum kinetic alignment and power transfer when cycling.

Knee Angle | Optimised for saddle height and power output.
An assessment of your specific pedal stroke on both the left and right leg to determine a seat height suitable for your riding. You will be riding with significant resistance to simulate the pedal stroke under load, extending the leg and dropping the heel, ensuring your saddle height is set in a pedal stroke you will be using on the road.
In addition the level of asymmetry in the pelvis will be assessed and discussed whilst ensuring your saddle height maintains a stable position on the saddle.

Knee Over Pedal Spindle & Postural/Phasic Muscles | Weight distribution and pedal efficiency.
Knee over pedal spindle (K.O.P.S.), or more accurately tibial tuberosity over pedal spindle is identified as a starting point for a stable weight distribution in the saddle. Further position analysis ensures postural muscles support your upper body weight, minimising effort to maintain position. A stable supported position will be the most comfortable for longer distances and importantly maximises the ability the body to engage phasic muscles and efficiently propel the bike forward.

Handlebar Position | Weight distribution and torso alignment
An assessment of the stem length, handlebar width, handlebar rotation, handlebar height and STI position will optimise comfort. Adjustments will be advised and new parts fitted or suggested to achieve the most relevant position to your riding.
A comprehensive Bike Fit report will be provided detailing the discussion, adjustments and new measurements of your Bike Fit.