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A better BikeFit will
improve your comfort, efficiency and power output - we fit combining the science and art of bike fitting including the sizing and measuring for custom geometry bicycle frames.

Trained by Eric O'Reilly and Paul Swift of www.bikefit.com the system we use is at the forefront of bike fitting research. During a BikeFit fit you are asked a series of questions to determine your cycling goals, identify prior injuries, highlight discomfort felt when riding, and other pertinent questions.

We then watch you pedal, observing every aspect of the you and your connection to their bike. Measuring on the bike, we continue asking questions about how you feel whilst riding. This is a two-way process of feedback and results, a process that looks at your individual biomechanics and adjusts your position accordingly.

Our experienced bike fit system has helped many of our customers. If you are looking for a bike fit in York or the surrounding area, contact us on 01653 699070 or email: ash@northernride.com for more information.