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BIANCHI PRESENTS THE NEW IMPULSO RC: Aerodynamic performance, low weight, and off-road capability are the hallmarks of the renewed Impulso family, which includes the RC, Pro, and Comp versions for different types of users.

Bianchi Impulso RC Handlebar Cockpit Frontend 2024

Bianchi Impulso RC 2024 | Details

The new Impulso family is Bianchi's answer to those looking for speed in gravel riding on any type of terrain, from hard-packed dirt to loose gravel, to the occasional mud section or asphalt. The Bianchi Reparto Corse is focused on balancing aerodynamic performance, low weight, and off-road capability. The world of gravel has reached a turning point. What was once seen as the discipline that defied categorisation has now splintered into subcategories that are becoming more clearly defined. A fault-line is emerging between the world of gravel racing — typified by the high-performance competition of the Gravel Earth Series, Lifetime Grand Prix events, and the UCI World Championships — and the more laidback style of gravel riding sometimes known as adventure cycling, which is often closely associated with bikepacking and exploration. Two deeply different needs that require different answers. The Impulso RC is the highest form of Bianchi's racing spirit, now applied to gravel. Like the Oltre and the Specialissima, the Impulso family consists of three models: RC, Pro, and Comp, intended to meet the needs of any rider.

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Bianchi Impulso 2024 | Finely Tuned Gravel Racing
Reparto Corse has meticulously optimised the Impulso RC for the demands of the discipline by treating every aspect as part of the cohesive whole. This systematic approach is becoming central to the design thinking of the Italian brand. The carbon frame maintains a clean and essential design inspired by the sleek aerodynamic frames of the Oltre aero road models. Weight is redistributed on the front to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. The frame's progressive geometry has been inspired by the safe, stable performance of elite bikes in off-road and cross-country MTB racing, and has been complemented by a shorter stem compared to the Specialissima RC, but with a longer reach to ensure greater stability. The Impulso RC frame can accommodate 42mm tyres for a more stable ride on bumpier sections. The bottom bracket drop is 70mm for maximum control and versatility when facing any challenge. ASTM2 certification ensures that it can tackle unpaved and gravel roads and trails with moderate grades.

Bianchi Impulso Shimano GRX 2024

Bianchi Impulso 2024 | Complete Bikes
The new Impulso frame platform takes advantage of the aerodynamic gains applied during the development of both the Oltre RC and the Specialissima. To complete the performance package, the fork has been integrated with the head tube, while a specifically designed aerodynamic RC wheelset make the Impulso one of the most aerodynamic gravel bikes in its category. The Reparto Corse’s work has provided the new Impulso RC with an improved, stiffer cockpit for advanced control. The 16° flare on the handlebar helps give the rider extra control on technical downhill sections, while its extremely lightweight carbon fibre composition has reduced the handlebar's weight to just 340g. Same as with the top models in the road range, Bianchi also paid special attention to the components, which are an integral part of the bike system and its performance. The Impulso RC comes equipped with a pair of RC43 wheels with a 43mm profile and 25mm inner channel, with 3K carbon finish.

Bianchi Impulso GRX Gold 2024