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Sarto Reviews | Sarto Antonio Frame Reviews

We have created a link to all of the Sarto frame reviews that we are currently aware of. This means you can browse all Sarto frame reviews from one place, saving your time for searching from reviews on the internet. Remember when purchasing a Sarto you can get a custom specification so ensure you consider what the journalist is saying about the frame, not necessarily the bike overall as this can be altered depending on the final specification. See all Sarto reviews below:

Sarto Asola Reviews:

Sarto Asola by pezcyclingnews.com.

Sarto Asola review by roadcc.com, scored 9/10.

Sarto Asola Disc Reviews

Sarto Asola Disc review by thecyclist.com, 'whatever happens in the industry there will always be the need for a good tailor.'

Sarto Dinamica Reviews:

Sarto Dinamica review by bikeradar.com, scored 4.5/5.

Sarto Lampo Reviews:

Sarto Lampo review by pezcyclingnews.com, 'tailored lightenting'.

Sarto Lampo review by thecyclist.co.uk.

Sarto Lampo review by roadcyclinguk.com, 'hand built bike from Veneto's best kept secret'.

Sarto Lampo Plus Reviews:

Sarto Lampo Plus review by cyclingtips.com, 'the romance and prestige associated with any bike handmade in Italy'.

Sarto Seta Reviews:

Sarto Seta review by roadbikeaction.com 'promoting the value of Italian history and craftmanship'.

Sarto Seta review by road.cc, scored 9/10.

Sarto Seta review by The Guardian 'a frame pretty close to perfection'.

Sarto Veneto Reviews:

Sarto Veneto review by pezcyclingnews.com.