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We have carefully selected our brands to provide you the customer with a choice of complimentary bicycles from a range of premium manufactures. We are premium stockists of Bianchi, Cervelo, Colnago, Focus, Frog, Lapierre and Sarto bikes. We carefully selected our range of brands to provide you, our customer with a complimentary range of bicycles to suit your desired needs.

Our ethos is 'Entry Level to Elite' and we endeavour to provide you with an open and welcoming service. If you make an initial enquiry, we will discuss the product or service that is most suitable for you whether this, be a product, bike fit or one of our other services. We take pride in our approach as an inclusive bicycle shop stocking balance bike, somebody's first road or mountain bike all the way to superbikes from our bespoke and custom geometry Italian manufacturers. More recently we have seen a strong uptake in E-Bikes and keeping true to our ethos we now stock a range of E-MTB and E-Bikes available to demo and help you decide which is the most suitable for your requirements.

Buying a bike at Northern Ride Starting to look for a new bike can be a confusing and daunting task, there are now so many brands available and so much information is available online, often contradictory. When you contact or enter Northern Ride with an initial enquiry, we will discuss your requirements and provide options that fit your needs and budget. We will explain in depth why we have chosen a specific manufacturer, geometry and why that particular model is suitable for you.

Ordering: We offer competitive pricing, complimentary bike fits and quality servicing. Contact us or visit the 'Order Process' page for more details.

Contact us with your upgrade or component alterations, we will endeavour to create your desired specification at purchase whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Availability: E: [email protected] | T: 01653 699070 | Chat live now!