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Cervelo Caledonia 2022 | Cervelo Bikes UK Stockist
Cervelo Caledonia was conceived during the Cervelo engineers Thursday night rides - routes that often ride fast and loose. After attempting to fit bigger tyres in the R5 or streamline the Aspero a new bike was born. Inspired by the R3 Mud as ridden by Johan Van Summeren to victory in the 2013 Roubaix - but built for the modern road rider.

In 2022 Cervelo developed the Caledonia, a bike speedy and versatile slamming the je ne sais quoi right into the panache. With an integrated front end available on the Caledonia 5, clearance for 34 tyres, hidden mudguard mounts and made-for-roubaix geometry the Caledonia is a a fast, fun and read for whatever big stupid ride you can dream up.

Engineering Field Notes

Race Bred: Faster and faster handling isn’t necessarily better—we’re evolving toward handling informed by a specific usecase. In this case it’s Roubaix. Roubaix is harder on bikes than any other race on the calendar, and there’s zero margin for error. We increased the rear center (compare this to the R3 that was raced last year), lowered the BB, and increased the trail. Relatively speaking the handling is still fast, but we’ve added more stability. When we design a bike, we start with our library of tube shapes. These shapes are shapes we’ve used on other models that we know to have various qualities—aerodynamic, stiff, ultralight, etc.—and they help get us to the refinement stage on a bike more quickly. In the case of Caledonia, we wanted durability, light weight, and aerodynamics to be in balance, and selected a package that achieved the performance demands of this kind of race bike. Stiffness was tuned to match that of Aspero. Last year the riders found the R3 a little skittish on the rougher cobbles. Looking back into our history at the R3 Mud, the stiffness profile on that bike was similar to Aspero (though relatively stiffer at the time compared to our other bikes/the market), and Johan Van Summeren won Roubaix in 2011aboard that bike.

Stable, Carefree, and Confidence-inspiring: You’ll notice we’ve stayed away from compliance gimmicks; no elastomers or funky tube intersections. We stuck to what we know works. Our proven library of tube shapes is at the core of every bike we design, and these tube shapes all have different known attributes. You can’t cheat physics. Triangulation and the force required to deflect is at the heart of the ‘double-diamond’ frame design, and has been since the safety bicycle’s inception. We know how our tube shapes behave, and it’s a matter of placing them in a layout that achieves the desired compliance based on that deflection. The simplest solution is almost always the best. Lower modulus carbon in key areas to mitigate the brittleness of hi-mod fiber—the bike isn’t delicate. Even for pros, we slowed the handling down because of the demands of roubaix. If they’re more comfortable, they’ll be more confident, and they’ll race faster.

Why “Caledonia?”
The last bike designed at our Canadian headquarters. Caledonia Road is the main street that staff sprint down at the end of every Thursday Night Group Ride. It’s also a notoriously poorly kept road complete with flat inducing potholes, cracks and beat pavement.

Caledonia 2022 Key Details:

Round bar, post, and stem
Bento mount
- BB Stiffness 222 N/mm

- HT Stiffness 105 Nm/deg
Hidden fender mounts
Accessory mounts
34mm Tire clearance
1031g frame, 432g fork

Caledonia 5 2022 Key Details:

- Completely internal electronic cables and hose routing
- Integrated stem cap & split spacers
- BB Stiffness 222 N/mm
- HT Stiffness 105 Nm/deg
- 34mm Tire clearance
- Hidden fender mounts
- Accessory mounts
- 936g frame, 370g fork

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