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Suspension Servicing in North Yorkshire

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Our workshop is fully equipped to service modern suspension forks, and we are an authorised Fox Fork Service Centre. At Northern Ride we have received training from Mojo Suspension, the UK's only authorised Fox Suspension warranty centre. We will carry out your suspension service at Northern Ride our IBD in Malton near York, North Yorkshire.

Please note, we will only service suspension on bikes that we have sold.

Who is working on my suspension?

We know you spend a lot of money on your forks and shocks. Your suspension will be fully serviced by Kev one of the business owners. Kev's background is in the aviation industry and he has over 25 years experience as an aerospace engineer; ensuring your suspension is worked on not only by a professional cycle mechanic but also somebody who understands the high quality materials and systems the bike industry uses.

Fork Servicing in North Yorkshire
Fork Servicing Costs including labour, seals and fork oil:
  • Fox 32mm – £95
  • Fox 34mm – £110
  • Fox 36mm – £125
  • Fox 40mm – £145

We can also service Rock Shox suspension. If you would like your fork servicing or have any particular questions please feel free to call us on 01653 699070 or message us: ash@northernride.com.

Rear Shock Servicing in North Yorkshire

As an authorised Fox Service Centre we also carry out rear shock servicing at our workshop in Malton, near York. It is recommended that you service your Fox Air Shock once a year to keep your shock running smoothly for years.

Fox Air Shock Servicing Costs including labour, seals and suspension fluids:

  • Loose shock – £80
  • In bike – £110

There may be occasions where your suspension has damage that is not reparable in house. If this problem arises we will always consult the owner and make them aware and the options that you have.