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Colnago are thrilled to unveil the C68 Gravel, a masterpiece that embodies the perfect fusion of contemporary engineering and timeless Italian craftsmanship. Whether your journey starts on the smoothest tarmac or the wildest gravel roads, this bike is your steadfast companion. It's more than a mere bicycle; it's a true, powerful work of art, seamlessly continuing the legacy of excellence embodied by our esteemed C Series bicycles. That’s why the C68 Colnago is a gravel bike unlike any other. The production of the C68 gravel, being part of the C Series range, is undertaken exclusively in Italy, by skilled and experienced craftsmen. The knowledge gained from years of experience in frame construction is brought into the gravel segment.

What is the Colnago C68 Gravel?
The Colnago C68 Gravel is the purest Colnago philosophy applied to the gravel world; it is a modular gravel bike entirely made in Italy, crafted by hand. The C68 Gravel isn’t a mere gravel bike, it’s the epitome of Italian craftsmanship, meticulously crafted for cyclists who seek the ultimate riding experience. For those who yearn for the thrill of fast dirt and gravel rides and the smoothness of the open road, but also demand more than just a carbon frame - they seek a bike with a soul, steeped in heritage. In the world of gravel cycling, precision is paramount. The C68 Gravel has different geometry than its road counterpart, prioritising comfort and composure on rugged terrain. Hence, it comes with a shorter reach and higher stack, offering an ergonomically superior riding experience, perfectly poised for challenging landscapes, while maintaining an overall aggressive setting.

Colnago C68 Gravel Geometry | Northern Ride
The 68 Gravel will be available in 5 sizes, all in sloping configuration: 450 - 480 - 510 - 540 - 570 The geometry has been reviewed with respect to the G3-X, which is a racing-oriented gravel bike, with the main purpose of improving the stability and allowing the smoothest riding experience across all surfaces. Weight - Painted frame size 480 (Medium) with parts (hanger, metal parts, etc) 1150gr, fork 480gr painted (uncut). The reach-stack ratio has been increased, to allow the mounting of a shorter stem, allowing the rider to have the maximum control on the handlebar. On top of this, the Ss° has been reduced to 70.5 for all the sizes and the wheelbase increased, to further improve the bicycle's stability and feeling of safety, especially on rough terrain.

C68 Gravel Tyre Clearance | Northern Ride
The C68 Gravel offers an extensive tyre clearance that accommodates wheel widths up to 45mm (real tyre width), in line with the fast gravel bikes standards. Thanks to this flexibility, your journey, whether on a dirt road or an off road trail, will have no boundaries. For comparison the C68 road has a clearance of 32mm and C68 All-Road 35mm.

Colnago C68 Handlebar | Northern Ride

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