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Introducing the brand new Colnago C68 Gravel bike:

'A modular frame for a gravel bike unlike any other...'

The C68 Gravel represents the purest Colnago philosophy applied to the gravel world; it’s modular frame construction is entirely made in Italy, crafted by hand.
The C68 Gravel isn’t a mere gravel bike, it is a masterpiece that embodies the perfect fusion of Colnago technology and timeless Italian craftsmanship, meticulously crafted for cyclists who seek the ultimate riding experience. For those who yearn for the thrill of pure speed on the wildest gravel roads - and everything in between, but also demand more than just a carbon frame - they seek a bike with a soul, steeped in heritage. The concept of the C68 platform is rooted on a modular frame and is characterised by the same soul of the C68 Road and Allroad versions, which is based on performance but also oriented towards riding enjoyment.

Since its inception in 1995 with the iconic C40 model, the C Series has transcended mere technical innovation to become a resounding philosophy. The C Series represents a journey that unites the past with the present, coming back to the unpaved roads, with a drop bar bike specifically designed to dominate them. The heritage of Colnago is now at the service of discerning riders who seek a bicycle that's more than just a machine; it's an embodiment of authenticity and passion. The C68 Gravel is for those who demand nothing less than true riding enjoyment.

The entire C68 range, including the Road, Allroad, and Gravel models, is a testament to the art of Italian craftsmanship. From the meticulous precision of carbon fibre tube cutting to the final assembly, our commitment to perfection is proudly realised within the borders of Italy, a nation renowned for its rich cycling heritage, unwavering passion and fine manufacturing. The essence of each C Series bike is a fusion of tradition and innovation, an ode to the Italian dedication to the cycling world. Clean design, integration and modernity are at the core of the project.

In the world of gravel cycling, precision is paramount. The C68 Gravel has different geometry than the Colnago G3-X, prioritising comfort and composure on rugged terrain. Hence, it comes with a longer reach and taller stack, offering an ergonomically superior riding experience, perfectly poised for challenging landscapes, while maintaining an overall aggressive setting.

The C68 Gravel offers an extensive tire clearance that accommodates wheel widths up to 42mm (real tire width), in line with the fast gravel bikes standards. Thanks to this flexibility, your journey, whether on a dirt road or an off-road trail, will have no boundaries.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail of the C68 Gravel. It boasts enhancements in the CC.01 cockpit, specifically developed with wider flare. A wider grip guarantees more control in every riding situation and less fatigue over rough terrain. The seat post clamp, too, has been revised, with a more powerful tightening system and an improved rubber cover.

The C68 Gravel is sold in a configuration with a rigid carbon fork and the Colnago CC.01 Wide. However, the frame has been designed to offer a wide range of integrations, in particular for different handlebars and suspended fork.

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