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Why can't light be aero?
The next generation Specialissima says no to compromise, giving you the very best tool for mountains and steep gradients. The lightweight, aero-optimised frameset and proprietary componentry ensure you can excel on the flat roads and technical descents that come before and after the climb.

Light: The overall weight of the flagship Bianchi Specialissima bike is 6.6kg (+/- 5%). Achieving this low weight required strategic redistribution of material from the rear of the bike to the front, with super-fine seat stays and thinner chain stays, while also amping up the shape of the head-tube to create the more aerodynamic front end.

Aero: Designed with aero-efficiency at lower gradients. Compared to the previous generation, enhancements made to the new Bianchi Specialissima add up to 8.7 seconds saved for a rider doing 200 watts on a 10km climb at 6%. On the flat for 40km, 31.19 seconds are saved at 200 watts. As a comparison for elite climbers doing 30km/h on a 6% gradient , 3.6 watts of effort are saved by the Specialissima's new design.

All New Bianchi Specialissima RC | 2025 | Pushing the Threshold
Bianchi use the term 'tipping point' to indicate when an all-rounder can outperform an aero bike, when this occurs the 'tipping point' has reached the 'threshold'. The data quantifies the new Specialissima reaching the threshold significantly sooner than the previous generation. In comparison with the Bianchi Oltre RC, and in the hands of a pro cyclists pushing 420 watt, the Specialissima RC becomes the best choice for climbing on gradients above 6.2%. This is due to the aerodynamic optimisation of the Specialissima, along with its excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio, and low overall weight. A well trained expert doing 300 watts, the threshold is reached at 4.9%. For a medium level amateur producing 250 watt, the Specialissima fits threshold at 4.2%.

All New Bianchi Specialissima RC | 2025 | Enhanced Experience Everywhere
In response to our WorldTour athletes' feedback, we wanted to make the Specialissima more efficient in the mountains. That meant upping the aero performance while preserving world-class stiffness-to-weight, so that at a lower gradient inclines the aerodynamic benefits were preserved, while the ultra-lightweight meant is could climb very well on steeper gradients. When creating the geometry for the Specialissima Bianchi also considered rider comfort, making it the perfect balancing addition to their elite models arsenal.

The Bianchi Specialissima follows the Oltre RC with a new family of models; Specialissima RC, Specialissima Pro and Specialissima Comp.

- Bianchi Specialissima RC is the flagship next generation all-rounder suitable for professionals and the most dedicated cyclists who require and ultra-lightweight bike that excels on climbs and supports them to go faster between ascents.

- Bianchi Specialissima Pro the next generation all-rounder designed for the most demanding amateurs and expert riders, helping them climb with venom.

- Bianchi Specialissima Comp the next generation al-rounder for those who want to experience the power of an epic bike with features utilised from the elite and professional bikes.

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