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Merida Scultura 8000 Review:
Featuring the same race-proven geometry as Merida’s aero specialist, the REACTO, but equipped with a lightweight, comfort-focused CF3 frame, whilst the Merida Scultura 8000 combines impressive climbing performance, razor-sharp handling, aerodynamic efficiency, and class-leading compliance. A fantastic spec package from Shimano, FSA, Reynolds, and Continental, in conjunction with Merida's newly designed frame, give this bike the edge over the competition.

The fifth generation of Merida’s lightweight racer marries outstanding handling with improved comfort and an even more aerodynamic chassis. Thanks to incorporating selected aero details from Merida's tested and award-winning Reacto aero bike, the Scultura is the most aerodynamic version ever. Yet, it remains true to its lightweight, agility and rider comfort focus; in fact it takes these factors to the next level. The SCULTURA demonstrates outstanding compliance, providing the rider with class-leading riding comfort that will help to keep the body fresh for the final sprint or ascent. The CF5 and CF3 carbon versions share their geometry with Merida's REACTO, given the rider Team Bahrain Victorious race-proven handling. Available in carbon and aluminium and as either disc brake or rim brake option, Merida's classic road bike combines outstanding comfort with whippet-like acceleration and class-leading climbing pedigree.

The Merida Scultura is the perfect bike for cyclists who want a lightweight, aerodynamic, and comfortable road bike that can help them win races. It is the same bike that Team Bahrain Victorious used to win mountain top stages of the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana before it was even launched. The Scultura 8000 is made with a high-quality carbon fiber frame that is both lightweight and stiff. This makes it a great climber and sprinter. The Scultura 8000 also has a race-proven geometry that gives it excellent handling and stability.

One of the things that sets the Scultura 8000 apart from other road bikes is its aerodynamics. Merida has incorporated learnings from their Reacto aero bike into the Scultura 8000's design, making it one of the most aerodynamic road bikes on the market. This can save you watts and help you go faster, even on windy days. The Scultura 8000 is also a very comfortable bike to ride. Merida has designed the frame to flex slightly under load, which helps to absorb bumps and vibrations. This makes the Scultura 8000 a great choice for long rides or rides on rough roads. The Scultura 8000 is equipped with a SRAM Red eTap AXS wireless groupset, which provides smooth and precise shifting. It also has Fulcrum Racing 600 DB wheels, which are lightweight and durable.

Overall, the Merida Scultura 8000 Red/Black - MY24 is the perfect all-around road bike for cyclists who want a bike that can do it all. The Merida Scultura is lightweight, aerodynamic, comfortable, and equipped with high-quality components. The Scultura is the perfect choice for cyclists who want to win races and perform at their best.

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