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Behind The Scenes | Colnago C-Series
Colnago invite you into the heart of their company in Cambiago to discover the intricate production process behind their exclusive Colnago C Series frames. In Colnago's historic headquarters nestled in Cambiago, Italy, skilled craftsmen with years of experience meticulously handcraft each frame of the C Series.

From creating the tubes – carefully combining carbon fibre textures and adjusting thickness for varying levels of stiffness – to the precise bonding of these tubes using a special technique, every step is executed with great scrupulousness by Colnago's dedicated artisans. The culmination of their efforts is a modular carbon fibre frame, both lightweight and stiff, distinguished by the iconic Colnago joints – a hallmark that has identified Colnago frames for almost 30 years.

The creation of a C Series frame is a lengthy and delicate process, demanding exceptional expertise and an exclusive savoir-faire. It's a production journey of which Colnago are both proud and fiercely protective. Stay tuned for the latest Colnago news!

Watch the full process from inside the Colnago factory here: