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Sarto | The Made in Italy Experience

Buying a custom geometry frameset by Sarto Antonio in the UK requires a special relationship between you the shop and the manufacturer, Sarto Antonio. Northern Ride has years of experience in dealing with custom Italian framesets and Sarto Antonio is one of our favourites.

At the start of the process you will be looking at Sarto and wondering how you have only just discovered purchasing a frameset 100% handmade in Italy, specifically for you, in your geometry and your colour, which costs the same as high street bicycle brands who manufacture their frames in the Far East. But don’t tell too many people just your closest friends; this is the best kept secret in cycling!

Once you have shortlisted a couple of Sarto framesets you can chat live with us online, call, email or best of all come and see us.

Which Sarto frameset should I buy?

Each frameset is made specifically for you, so no need to worry about the geometry or comfort of a frame as you are at the top here and what you request is manufactured. That said each frame has different technology utilised and after doing your own research we will explain the difference and benefits of Sarto technology and what it will mean for your ride once the bike is built.

Sarto have their lightest model in the Asola 700g with a traditional geometrical setup and standard clamping system. We find the most popular frames are the Seta and the Lampo that utilise 1K carbon, integrated seat clamps and in the case of the Lampo ‘Triple Edge’ tubing technology managing the airflow as it moves past the frameset. We are also seeing a move towards disc brakes when Sarto’s are ordered; although this is a very personal and divisive choice!

How long does a Sarto frameset take to arrive?

Sarto usually quote 8-10 weeks for custom geometry framesets but they do have some standard sizing in key models if you are super keen to get one sooner. A little extra time may be required if your frameset is a custom colour that requires masks designing or choose a design that utilises more complex products to work with such as a chrome finish.

How is the Sarto geometry designed?

Custom geometry is specific to you. Most customers choose to visit the shop were we take several biomechanics measurements alongside analysing your current bike fit, tweaking if necessary and then taking the measurements from your tweaked setup. We then collaborate with the designers at Sarto discussing your specific requirements and fit to design a geometry most suitable for you and your riding. Once the geometry is designed we will send you a proof, at this point you can either come back and have the jig setup into the geometrical position chosen or simply sign of the geometry for the bike to enter production.

How do I know the custom geometry will be right?

Sarto Antonio amongst other true Italian bicycle manufacturers have been doing this for years, in fact over 50 years. Their experience alongside our experience and training with industry leading experts from cyclingposition.com and bikefit.com mean we take a holistic approach to designing your geometry.

I’m an international customer, how can you take my fit details?

We have experience in dealing with customers internationally and at a distance where travelling to us isn’t convenient. On these occasions you can use previous fitting data to send to us but we will also send you key a guide of how to take key biomechanical and bicycle measurements. The geometry will be designed in collaboration with Sarto and a proof sent to you to be signed off prior to frame production.

Testing your geometry.

We have a specially designed mechanical jig that allows us to alter every aspect of geometry from the basics of top, head and seat tube length to seat and head tube angle. Once your geometry is designed we will welcome you back for a fitting session to sign off the geometry, or if at a distance we will explain the reasoning behind the geometry at which point you can sign it off and manufacturing will commence.

Can I design my own geometry?

This is an option however it is not advised. We could design your geometry in house with a vast experience of dealing with Sarto, Epoca and Scapin on custom geometry framesets. However the manufacturers know the ride of their frame best and their opinion is always worthwhile. Therefore the geometry decision is based on our discussion, you’re riding needs, bike fit needs and the specific needs of the frame in order to perform at its best.

How do I choose my custom colour?

Designing a custom colour can be as simple as selecting a previous finish you have seen on Instagram to telling us a theme and we will get to work at coming up with the perfect design. We have done designs as complex as you can imagine so challenge us; Sarto love to produce unique paint jobs!

Which components should I choose?

Building your Sarto is an exciting and personal experience, whether Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram is your preferred choice we can advise and build what you desire. Electronic or mechanical is your choice, you can get the frame manufactured specifically for eTap wireless only or fit eTap and leave the frame compatible for mechanical groupsets too; the bikes truly are custom so it is upto you!

We have a vast amount of experience with the standard component manufacturers and also with selected custom component manufacturers such as THM, Schmolke, Berk, WR Compositi, AX-Lightness and other specialist manufacturers.

Interested in more information: E: [email protected] | T: 01653 699070 | Chat live now!