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Cervelo P Series 2024 | Cervelo UK Stockist

Cervelo created the ALL NEW race ready P-Series for the athlete seeking speed, storage, value and comfort. It's our no-nonsense machine engineered to get you from Point A to B - Faster. The P-Series features better air economy, improved stiffness and comfort, designed with discipline, focus, style and swagger - every pedal stroke propels human and machine through the air with ease, turning watts into wins. Cervelo promise that on this bike, time is on your side.

A "no excuses" machine makes going your fastest a fore gone conclusion. The New P-Series is stiffer, lighter and more aero than the P3, meaning it's faster than the P3. But, Cervelo know speed isn't everything - it's also designed to flex to each individual athlete. A rider has the ability to customize the fit, cockpit, and ride experience.

Ordering: We offer competitive pricing, complimentary bike fits and quality servicing. Contact us or visit the 'Order Process' page for more details.

Customisation: Contact us with your upgrade or component alterations, we will endeavour to create your desired specification at purchase whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Availability: E: [email protected] | T: 01653 699070 | Chat live now!

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