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In August 2023, Bianchi released an updated Bianchi Specialissima with a re-structured three tier ‘Specialissima Family’. The flagship bike, the Specialissima RC, used by World Tour team Arkea-Samsic for the 2024 season weighs in at an impressive 6.6kg in a size 55cm frame.

Yes… it really is that light.

The new Specialissima sits at the top of Bianchi’s Road range alongside the aero Oltre that was launched last year. Whereas the Oltre is designed to be at its best on flat and rolling roads, the Specialissima is intended to come into its own on climbs. That said, Bianchi says that the Specialissima’s aero gains give it the ability to save watts on flat stretches too. “If the Oltre RC was about starting a revolution in the way we think about aerodynamics, the Specialissima is intended to give cyclists the very best tool for mountains and steep gradients,” says Bianchi. “The Specialissima RC is the choice for Grand Tour general classification riders, ultra-light and with world-class stiffness-to-weight. It is built to take up the task on parcours where an aero bike is no longer able to support the rider as needed.”

“The Specialissima project's goal was to enhance aerodynamic performance without compromising weight and responsiveness while providing a competitive edge — even on less severe inclines,” says Bianchi.

Reparto Corse [Bianchi's racing division] achieved this by shifting the parameters of slope and power with which the Specialissima offers an advantage over a pure aero bike. This is what we call the tipping point, the level at which one bike becomes more functional than the other. While the previous Specialissima needed an 8.8 percent slope to offer an advantage [over the heavier but more aero Oltre RC] to pro athletes, Reparto Corse has lowered this threshold to 6.2 percent. This is for a top-level athlete putting out 420 watts. For an athlete putting out less power, the tipping point where the Specialissima RC gains an advantage over the Oltre RC comes sooner.

Compared with the previous Specialissima, Bianchi says that the new version provides an 8.7-second advantage over 10km to an athlete producing 200 watts on a 6 percent climb. On flat roads, the advantage for a 200-watt output increases to 31.19 seconds over 10km, according to Bianchi. “For the world's strongest climbers – those capable of reaching 30 km/h on a 6 percent climb – the new Specialissima saves a remarkable 3.6 watts of power,” says Bianchi. How come? Bianchi says that it has learnt lessons from the development of its Oltre RC. “The join between the fork and head tube was a key area of focus, with the fork now effectively integrated into the frame for minimal drag,” says Bianchi. “The sculpted blades of the Specialissima’s new fork are also inspired by the Oltre.

Whether you are a seasoned racer, a competitive café rider, or simply someone looking for one of the lightest disc brake bikes on the market this 2024 season, the Bianchi Specialissima sounds like the perfect bike for you. Equally, with the newly re-structured Bianchi Specialissima family, the Specialissima range caters for all cyclists, see below:

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