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"Save up to 42% on any bike at Northern Ride using the government initiative Cyclescheme and options for the self-employed."

With the cycle to work schemes,you can get a bike tax-free, which for most people means you can save upto 42% of the cost. You can get any of the bikes we stock at Northern Ride and the process is fairly easy too. The Cyclescheme has a number of names and employers use a variety of schemes.

As an independent bike shop we have signed up to a number of cycle to work schemes including Cyclescheme and Bike2work the two major government initiatives' as well as the Halfords Cycle2Work sceme. However we are more than happy to join other schemes if your employer uses a scheme that we do not hold a partnership with.


If you are self employed there are a nuber of options for you to save upto 42%. If you would like to gain more information on how you would do this, please feel free to pop into the store and ask either Kevin or Ash. Alternatively you can call us on: 01653 699070 or Email: ash@northernride.com.