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Real Dynamic Stiffness:
This concept, introduced by Colnago, is the combined result of stiffness measured in a static (laboratory) and a dynamic way, i.e. on the road in cycling conditions. Obtaining this data was possible thanks to a new testing methodology developed internally by our Research and Development department, which took into account both stress factors and which made it possible to create a perfectly balanced frame in terms of stiffness and rideability in all the extreme conditions that can be faced during competitions.

Sizing and geometries:
Based on the input received from professional cyclists, the geometry (especially reach and stack) has been redesigned to be able to obtain even more balanced performance across all different sizes, in comparison to the V3Rs. Now the relationship between seat tube length and reach is almost linear, which means easier and more precise size selection and more possibilities for adjusting the position in the saddle. Additionally, the stack/reach ratio has been optimized and harmonized across all sizes, and the length of the chainstays has been reduced.

Robustness and Reliability:
The V4Rs (compared to the V3rs) can boast greater impact resistance of the parts most exposed to shocks in racing conditions. An example is the brand new seat stays, which, in addition to the more aerodynamic shape, significantly increase resistance to bending and impact. On the other hand, sturdiness means being able to reduce the need for maintenance to a minimum. A practical example is the new CeramicSpeed headset with SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) which, thanks to its exclusive solid polymer and the stainless steel components, prevents two of the most common causes of bearing failure: the absence of lubrication and contamination of the grease due to dirt. The V4Rs, before the consolidation of its definitive version, underwent a long study phase in collaboration with the UAE Emirates Team, which raced part of the last season with the Colnago Prototipo, a name indicative of the study phase then in progress. Different layups (the overlapping of a specific number of layers of carbon fiber) were tried before reaching the final version and participating in a race as tough and complicated as the Tour de France, for example, allowed us to reach a result of the highest level in terms of quality and robustness.

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