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Cervelo Aspero | Cervelo Gravel Bikes

Cervelo are renowned for their design and innovation, releasing some of the most impressive bikes seen in the 21st century and the new Cervelo Aspero 2020 model does not disappoint for the ever growing gravel category. The Cervelo Aspero has been radically engineered to be the faster, better handling gravel race bike.

Cervelo have produced the Aspero gravel bike for a new bread of rider emerging with the same sense of freedom and exploration gravel riding is founded on but with a burining desire to ride wild, full bore, and explore not just geography but personal limits.

This new frontier requires new ideas and a new kind of gravel machine, one engineered not to wander the trails but to slay them. For these athletes, Cervelo created the Aspero, a machine engineered for pure, unapologetic speed, ready to take down finish lines, KOM leaderboards, PR’s, and FKT’s. A single bike that first generates maximum speed and then second controls that speed across the variable conditions gravel athletes must conquer. A machine built without limits, for the riders willing to test them.

Cervelo Aspero 2020 | Key Features

Stripped down racing frame out performs traditionally over-built hauling frames.

Handling: With Cervelo's 2-position adjustable front dropout, called the TrailMixer, the Cervelo Áspero adapts to ensure that various wheel and tire combinations work in harmony with the design geometry for optimum handling.

Versatility: Fits a wide range of tire sizes both 700+650

Usability: Tire Clearance - 3 most common tire sizes: 700x33, 700x40, 650x47. Bento mount, 3rd bottle, DT protector, dropper compatibility, Removable FDM, Threaded axles, Single bend internal cable routing.

Cervelo Áspero | Tire Clearance

Cervelo engineered the Aspero to fit most 700x42 or 650bx49 tire/wheel combos, comfortably. Of course, there are variables - rim width, tire casing / tread depth - which will affect final clearance.

(IMPORTANT NOTE - We always recommend there to be 4mm of clearance around whichever tire/wheel combo is installed on the bike.)

Cervelo Aspero 700c: 700c allows for a wheel/tire combo that measures up to 44mm (=52-8) at the widest point

Cervelo Aspero 650b: 650b allows for a wheel/tire combo that measures up to 49mm (=57-8) at the widest point

Cervelo Aspero Tyre Clearance Diagram

Cervelo Aspero | Detailed Trail

1. You can get the same optimized trail with two different sized tires on 700C 2. Basic Rule (For 700 only): Small (Low Volume) tires=rearward, Big (High Volume) tires=forward
3. Forward position=decreased trail=faster handling
4. Rearward position=increased trail=slower handling

See the visual representation of this below to help understand further:

Once you understand the above pictures and details more details are available from the following paragraph. The 650B wheel was historically designed to mimic the OD of a 700 wheel with a low volume tire, to give big tire benefits without affecting the handling Knowing this, when deciding on forward or rearward positioning for a high volume tire on a 650B wheel can be compared closely to a low volume tire on a 700 wheel. Easiest Example: A 33mm tire on a 700 wheel and a 51mm tire on a 650B wheel both have an OD of 677+/-2 mm. So the in effect, both of these setups could be run in the rearward position to get you an optimal trail of 62mm.

Cervelo Aspero | 2020 Models

Cervelo launched the new Aspero for 2020 and several models available inclduing Sram Force AXS, Shimano GRX and Sram Apex, there will also be the Shimano Ultegra RX available for a limited time before the 2020 Shimano GRX grouspet is available later in the year. All models will be available in the exquisitely finished Olive/Dune or Burgundy colourways. As with all our bikes each model will recieve a complimentary Bike Fit on collection and customisation of components is available whilst maintaining a competitive price. Contact us for your customisation requirements or to discuss sizing and availability. See models below:

Cervelo Aspero Sram Force AXS 2020 £5399

Cervelo Aspero Shimano Ultegra RX £3599

Cervelo Aspero Shimano GRX 2020 £TBC

Cervelo Aspero Sram Apex 2020 £2699