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The new IZALCO MAX is more than just the fastest. It is a statement. The IZALCO MAX brings along more than just aerodynamics, low weight and incredible speed. It merges all its features into a thrilling experience, giving a deeper purpose to your ride. To get more out of every ride. Together with your friends. With more style, elegance and passion. With 200 watts input over 50km,the new IZALCO MAX is 1:30 minutes faster in comparison to the previous model with same wheels, components, position and dummy test rider.

The engineers at Focus have completely redesigned every tube and improved these in several stages within the wind tunnel. Every surface was scrutinised in order to achieve the best possible mix of aerodynamics and low weight. The result is a combination of Kamm tail profiles, hidden cables and well-balanced proportions. On paper, this combination results in a 6 per cent improvement in aerodynamic resistance. This allows you to go faster and save a lot of energy during every ride, no matter how fast you go.

2021 will see many of the sell out popular specifications and colourways continue alongside the introduction of the all new Sram AXS Force and Red models. Contact us if you would like to alter a specification, we will endeavour to create your custom build whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Focus Izalco Max Disc 2022 Features:

Stem Design:
All the cables run inside the specially developed aero handlebar stem. The carbon fibre stem has a -15° negative design in order to compensate for the slightly raised position as a result of the internal cables. This allows us to guarantee you a perfect riding experience whilst also offering optimum aerodynamics. The benefits are visually pleasing. We offer the handlebar stem in five lengths, ranging from 80 to 120 mm.

Disc Brakes:
We have further improved the fastest quick-release axle in the world R.A.T. Easier handling and a more aerodynamic structure meet the greater requirements of the IZALCO MAX. We have stuck to our guns and only use disc brakes in the IZALCO MAX. Front and rear brake discs measuring 160 mm ensure safe and totally reliable braking performance. Especially for a road bike as fast as the IZALCO MAX.

Aerodynamics and Comfort:
In the past, having an aerodynamic shape resulted in less comfort. With the IZALCO MAX this contradiction becomes obsolete. The aerodynamic carbon seatpost has a D profile with 15 mm offset - thus offering the perfect mix of ergonomics and comfort.In order to maintain the optimum sitting position, we have pushed the seat tube forwards so that the effective offset is only 2 mm. This means that you can enjoy the comfort of a seatpost with 15 mm offset, without having to forgo a modern racing sitting position. Titanium screws reduce the weight.

2022 Izalco Max Disc Weight:

Izalco Max 9-Series frame:
(size M, painted) 890 g without assembly parts (assembly parts: 49 g; hanger, screw, RAT insert, DT plug, screws, plugs, bottle cage screws)

9-Series Fork:
(size M, painted) 358 g without assembly parts (assembly parts: 7 g, RAT insert, screw)

Izalco Max 8-Series frame:
(size M, painted)1040 g without assembly parts (assembly parts: 49 g; hanger, screw, RAT insert, DT plug, screws, plugs, bottle cage screws)

8-Series Fork:
(size M, painted)380 g without assembly parts (assembly parts: 7 g, RAT insert, screw)

Ordering: We offer competitive pricing, complimentary bike fits and quality servicing. Contact us or visit the 'Order Process' page for more details.

Customisation: Contact us with your upgrade or component alterations, we will endeavour to create your desired specification at purchase whilst maintaining a competitive price.

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