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Focus Jam2 2022 | Focus Electric Mountain Bikes

The JAM² covers the widest range of our SQUARED EXPERIENCE thanks to two different e-drive systems. You choose which JAM² fits you and your purposes. The Shimano EP8 e-drive offers flexibility with 756 Wh battery capacity split into two batteries. You decide if you are going super light and agil, close to a pure MTB feeling, or adding a second battery for super long rides. Always as much energy as you need – you can easily choose ahead of every ride. The JAM² Bosch Performance CX e-drive 2020 is positioned in between those two. 625 Wh battery capacity is sufficient for your long rides not worrying about reach.

Focus Jam2 | Geometry
The geometry differences in detail read as follows: The chainstay of the JAM² Bosch is 30 mm shorter than the one of its Shimano equivalent. Especially riders who control their ride in rough terrain with the chainstays will love this greater manoeuvrability via the rear. Additionally, the 1°-shallower steering angle and 20 mm-longer reach ensure smoother riding over rough terrain. The JAM² with Shimano e-drive offers a well-balanced, nimble geometry that can easily be steered via the front.

Focus Jam2 | Suspension Design
All JAM² models come with 150 mm front and rear suspension travel. 150 mm suspension travel that feels like more. You’ll notice the difference. Thanks to the two-phase kinematics, F.O.L.D. is extremely sensitive while still being sufficiently progressive and retaining sufficient reserves. Naturally, our F.O.L.D. chassis has been specially designed to meet the increased demands placed on eMTBs. We recommend 30% sag.

Focus Jam2 | Wheel Size
You can choose between different wheel size combinations for the JAM² based on your riding style and preference. Our wider 27+ tyres (model designation: “Plus”) offer plenty of grip and control, while the JAM² with 29" wheels (“Nine”) affords an impressively precise ride and will appeal to fast riders in particular. The JAM² with 29" wheels on the front and 27+ tyres on the rear ("Drifter") combines the best of both worlds. But even if you pick one or the other now, you always have the option to switch to a different wheel size later thanks to the FOCUS Flip Chip (JAM² Bosch).

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