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Focus Jam2 SL | 2024 | Full Suspension Electric Bike
Focus had a clear vision of our light e-MTB in mind: reduced to the absolute minimum to make the most of every trail. A light full carbon frame that is fully optimised on low weight without compromising on usability and stability aspects. A super-compact FAZUA Ride 60 e-support integrated in a design that makes you reach new Highs. A fun-oriented geometry with 160/150 mm suspension that is built around a high trail agility without neglecting the bike’s stability.

When it comes to the down tube, our engineers developed a sleek design while keeping functionality on point. The motor and battery of our JAM² SL 2024 are fully integrated which ensures optimal protection of the e-drive and makes this e-MTB not just ride but also look like a pure bike. The thoughtfully engineered carbon layout creates the perfect balance of low weight and high stiffness. Additionally, great usability of the light e-MTB was crucial when designing the bike. To provide most flexibility while reducing weight, we evaluated all kinds of charging options. We decided for a removable battery that can easily be taken out of the bike on the bottom side of the down tube. As you can use the Allen key from the thru-axle of your JAM² SL to unlock the down tube cover, the only needed tool is always by your side. After opening the cover, you can easily remove the FAZUA ENERGY 430 battery with only one click.

The new JAM² SL 2024 features an easy adjustment of the head angle between 64,5° and 65,5° by turning the headset cups. Choosing a steeper head angle results in a more agile handling of the bike, while the slack position gives it a more downhill-oriented setting. Adjusting the handling of this light e-bike to your own preferences won't affect the seat angle or other parameters.

Thanks to Focus' FLIP CHIPs at the rear triangle, you can balance your bike's geometry according to your riding style. The adjustment from 440 to 447 mm changes your whole set-up. When switching your FLIP CHIPs to a long position, the JAM² SL rides more stable and makes steep climbs easier. If you prefer manuals and a more agile geometry, change it to the short position and get your extra kick. Based on those two components, your JAM² SL can have four individual geometry settings with head angle slack or steep and chainstay long or short. These options also make sure that your bike geometry is well-balanced and adjusted to your size.

The FAZUA Ride 60 provides the feeling of a natural ride but still has got your back on all climbs. The compact and light, yet powerful drive unit has 60 Nm torque and a maximum power output of 450 Nm. If you need an extra push, the boost function helps you to tackle even the steepest sections. Thanks to the high efficiency of the FAZUA system and a battery with 430 Wh, your ride won't stop before reaching your very own Rider's High. If you really need even more, adding a range extender offers you further 210 Wh.

The drive system already features three different riding modes. On top, you can individualize the motor support based on your riding preferences via the FAZUA App. It allows you to set Max Power, Support Relation and Ramp-up according to your own personal needs. The FAZUA system matches perfectly with our idea of a light e-MTB and is fully integrated into the down tube. Further, the quiet motor won't distract you from your ultimate riding experience, so you can let your mind flow on up as well as downhill sections.

As F.O.L.D. stands for FOCUS Optimised Linkage Design, the optimisation never stops. For the JAM² SL, we reduced the amount of linkage parts of our F.O.L.D. resulting in a significant weight loss. The updated kinematic design further reduces brake influences and gives you maximum control of your bike in every situation.

Focus' Carbon technology pushes the boundaries of light e-MTB constructions. The carbon fibre-oriented design optimises the stiffness-to-weight ratio of our JAM² SL. Focus has used a tailor-made mix of high strength and high tenacity fibres for our carbon layup. These fibres can handle the heavy forces at your e-MTB ride while offering a strong frame stiffness for agile steering. The MAX carbon layup takes our JAM² SL 9.0 and 9.9 models even one level higher in terms of weight optimisation: It contains a significant amount of high modulus fibres that saves even more weight without compromising on stiffness. Using carbon fibres for the front and rear triangle gave Focus the possibility to bring their clear vision of a stiff and stable, but light e-MTB to life. The perfect match of design and material underlines the purity and lightness of the JAM² SL.

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