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Focus Sam2 2019 | First Look & Review
Why is the Focus Sam2 the best 170mm travel E-MTB for 2019?
The Focus Sam2 will be a strong contender for E-MTB of the year from the various 2019 E-MTB review sites. The Sam2 builds on the success of the 2018 models which had sold out at Focus before the spring even started.

The Sam2 is the best long travel E-MTB for 2019 as the specifications are high (see below) and the prices are competitive. The overwhelming reason to buy the Focus Sam2 however is the same as previous years. The ride is sublime even without the assistance on and when you do want the assistance it utilises the most desired E-MTB motor on the market Shimano STEPS. The STEPS motor is modulated and responsive allowing you to utilise the right level of assistance at the right time on the trials.

Focus Sam2 technology explained.

Focus Optimised Linkage Design: This one is first as it is the most important. Most brands rely on heavy advertising or price to sell a product. The Focus Optimised Linkage Design is main reason to buy the SAM2 as it is core to the ride characteristics of the bike . The design focuses around two phases; the first degressive smoothing out the trail bumps, providing traction on the trails and the second progressive offering control in stronger impacts as the fork operates through the full travel.

Shimano STEPS: 3 assistance levels in Eco, Trail and Boost with a 250W motor and 70NM of torque. The system is highly adjustable with the Shimano STEPS app allowing you to alter the assistance of each level for each specific ride. Shorter ride, increase boost assistance!

Tailored Energy System : Tailored Energy System or T.E.C is the real selling point of the Focus E-MTB Shimano STEPS system. Engineers at Focus have designed the Sam2 to meet your needs in different situations with a capacity upto 756Wh over 2 batteries.

756Wh Batteries: 756Wh is split into one integrated 378Wh battery that will deliver around 2 hours of riding with a mix of Off, Eco, Trail & Boost over proper mountain biking terrain (circa 1000m ascent) making it suitable for most rides. Want to go further? Add the external 378Wh battery and get around 4 hours of actual trail riding. Remember though the less you use Boost the further you go and distance/time can be highly extended with considered riding! Ho

w to decide which Focus Sam2 E-MTB should I buy?

The Sam2 is available in a variety of specifications and Focus have made this clear for 2019 with the Sam 6.7, 6.8 and 6.9 specifications improving in that order. There is no entry level model with the Sam 6.7 utilising a Rock Shox Yari upfront and Deluxe R at the rear finished with Race Face wheels and Sram’s new NX Eagle 12 speed. The Sam2 6.9 is good value at £4499 but the real rider’s bike is in the Sam2 6.8.

In the Sam2 6.8 Focus have really hit the sweet spot. Fox 36 Performance Elite and Float DPS performance in the suspension alongside XT 8000 and upgraded DT Swiss H1900 wheelset alongside Shimano Zee brakes make this the one to buy. It ticks all the boxes in the component choice, remember though don’t like something or want an upgrade just ask, there might not even be an upcharge!

Alternatively you can go all out with the Sam 6.9, drool over the specs below for all the 2019 Focus Sam2: