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Lapierre Aircode 2020 | Premium Lapierre UK Stockist

The 2020 Aircode is
designed for racing, aerodynamic, stiff and lightweight all at once, this model is the jewel of the pro tour FDJ team. The innovative profile of its Kamm Tail and NACA tubes ensures the attainment of unmatched aerodynamic efficiency. Highly-refined integration, a streamlined Aeroflex seat post, lower center of gravity, attack-mode riding position... nothing will slow you down when readying for the final sprint.

Its ultralight, 100% carbon frame provides enhanced stiffness and precision characteristics. Lapierre's associated with the Powerbox technology, this bike delivers top-rated efficiency on the open road. The profile of Kamm Tail tubes (with truncated flared edges) and NACA tubes (imported from the aeronautics industry) endows the frame with all the advantages of a conventional tapered tube, while its back “section” creates a virtual surface that serves to significantly reduce drag forces.Aircode SL 900 demonstrates incredible stability, which proves to be ideal for both punchers and sprinters.

Equipped with an aerodynamic Lapierre seat post made of carbon, for reduced weight, and a new set of Lapierre Carbon handlebars, integrating the cable system, nothing has been left to chance regarding either aerodynamics or aesthetics.The 100% carbon fork mount incorporates a Direct Mount brake for maximum braking stiffness and power.

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