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Focus Jam2 | The best selling electric mountainbike of 2019?

The Focus Jam2 certainly has been the best selling electric mountain bike for us at Northern Ride in 2019 and it is a similar story when we speak to other focus stockists. Focus have been ahead of the field with the E-MTB sector for sometime now, many brands have been aiming for that headline figure of battery capacity but forgetting the most important aspect of how the mountain bike actually rides, beating the Specialized Levo in the head to head test by singletrackmagazine. Focus have nailed the geometry with the 2019 Jam2 and their 378Wh battery capacity means the bike is around 20% lighter than most competitors resulting in a more agile bike that remains stable and planted on the trails with the ability to increase to 756Wh if going on an expedition ride, keep reading for more details...

Focus Jam2 vs Specialized Levo | The best E-MTB of 2019?

Focus have established themselves as market leaders and if you clicked on the singletrack magazine link above you will see why it beat the Specialized Levo in a head to head due to the Focus Jam2 having superior ride characterisitcs on ordinary trails whilst still having that ability to let loose when descending.

With the Jam2 around 20% lighter for a comparible specification competior bikes Focus have moved in a different direction, Focusing on ride quality over headline hitting numbers meaning most people who ride a Jam2 end up buying one! We have a demo Jam2 in store for you to try either in town or we can take you upto Dalby Forest or our private trails at Birdsall Estates from the Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon if you wanted to try it on some natural terrain.

Focus Jam2 Battery Capacity | 378Wh or T.E.C Pack 756Wh

Focus have been clever in designing a bike around 20% lighter to competitors wit htheir 378Wh battery that results in superior handling and a bike that rides more like a conventional bike. The battery capacity of 378Wh or the additional T.E.C pack would provide a variety of disstances depending on terrain and settings used, see some examples below:

Focus Jam2 Battery Capacity | Lisa

Lisa: Lisa weighs 63kg and is a real bike enthusiast. She loves riding her Jam2 in her free time, but also uses it to commute to work too. She incorporates easy trails into her ride time and time again. Most of the time she uses Eco mode, but she also switches to trail mode too.

Lisa's example ride: Distance: 50km | Battery: Internal 378Wh | Mode: Eco, Trail | Elevation: 248m | Duration 2hours 20mins | Temperature: 18C | Residual Battery Capacity: 25%

Focus Jam2 Battery Capacity | Chris

Chris: Chris weighs 75kg and is a moutnain biker through and through. He is all about riding as many trails as possible both up and downhill. He uses the assistance in a specific was, either Eco, Trail or Boost depending on the terrain and occasionaly rides without assistance.

Chris's example ride: Distance: 27.5km | Battery: Internal 378Wh | Mode: Off, Eco, Trail, Boost | Elevation: 1000m | Duration 2hours 51mins | Temperature: 0C | Residual Battery Capacity: 15%

Focus Jam2 Battery Capacity | Phil

Phil: Phil weighs 100kg and is forever looking to make elevation gians. He loves conquering mountains and for long tours uses the T.E.C pack. In order to make use of as much battery as possible Phil mainly uses Eco but enters Trail and Boost if he needs the additional assistance.

Phil's example ride: Distance: 67km | Battery: Internal + T.E.C Pack 756Wh | Mode: Mainly Eco | Elevation: 2200m | Duration 4hours 3mins | Temperature: 14C | Residual Battery Capacity: 2%

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