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Cervelo R Series 2019 | Cervelo Bikes UK Stockist

Cervelo R Series is about pleasure and pain, defeat and glory — they are like two sides of the same coin when you live on a strict diet of road. These mortal trials make you stronger, but there’s something more: The glory of oneness with the elements, with the road, and now, thanks to the new 2019 R Series, with bicycles that have been fundamentally re-engineered to perform like never before. You may have lost count of the cobbles, climbs and close calls you’ve overcome, but your passion stays with you and keeps you going. Till the end.

Design Philosophy: From geometry and technology to components and features, the 2019 R Series has been fundamentally re-engineered, revised and reinvented. These World Tour race machines have always been incredibly light and stiff, and now, after extensive research and testing, the 2019 R5, R3 and R2 are breaking new ground by delivering the ultimate all-round ride experience. The roads haven’t changed, but the game has.

Ordering: We offer competitive pricing, complimentary bike fits and quality servicing. Contact us or visit the 'Order Process' page for more details.

Customisation: Contact us with your upgrade or component alterations, we will endeavour to create your desired specification at purchase whilst maintaining a competitive price.

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