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"The new Focus Raven Max is technically one of the best XC bikes currently on the market."

Focus Raven Max Features:

Carbon Technology: pushes the boundaries of lightweight construction: we use highly rigid high modulus carbon fibres in a fibre-based design to optimise the weight-to-stiffness ratio which, when coupled with our high-pressure moulding process, achieves maximum strength and withstands test procedures significantly above the standard. This has enabled us to construct the world's lightest frame.

Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.):
R.A.T. stands for Rapid Axle Technology and is the world's fastest floating axle. This is the first thru-axle system to combine the stability, alignment and lateral stiffness of a floating axle with extremely fast wheel changes. The simplicity and speed of the patented R.A.T. system exceeds that of even conventional quick-release devices.

Comfort Improving Areas (C.I.A.):
C.I.A. reduces muscle fatigue by increasing rider comfort. The comfort of the bike is increased by making the tube cross-sections of the seatstays, chainstays and seat tube (Comfort Improving Areas) as flat and flexible as possible, so that the frame absorbs the forces caused by uneven surfaces, the bike runs more smoothly and the rider stays stronger for longer.

Stable Stiffness Per Size (S.S.P.S.): In order to ensure that all bike sizes offer the same ride characteristics, all available frame heights are individually designed and feature a specially developed carbon lay-up. This Stable Stiffness Per Size (SSPS) production method ensures that all sizes provide the perfect weight-to-stiffness ratio.

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Focus Raven 8.6 | 2019 | 1549 Focus Raven 8.6 | 2019 | £1549
Price £1,549.00 Inc VAT
Focus Raven 8.7 | 2019 | 1949 Focus Raven 8.7 | 2019 | £1949
Price £1,948.99 Inc VAT
Focus Raven 8.8 | 2019 | 2299 Focus Raven 8.8 | 2019 | £2299
Price £2,299.00 Inc VAT
Focus Raven 8.9 | 2019 | 2899 Focus Raven 8.9 | 2019 | £2899
Price £2,899.00 Inc VAT
Focus Raven 9.9 | 2019 | 6349 Focus Raven 9.9 | 2019 | £6349
Price £6,349.00 Inc VAT